The Watchhorn Family Photo


The Watchhorn Family, date unknown

Grandmother Alice Watchhorn (Turner)(1855 – ?) is on the far right.
The lady sitting on the front right, next to Alice is Anne Watchhorn (Waugh) (1848-1925)(see note 1)
Henrietta (1852-1907) is probably not in this photo.

The other family members are unidentified so this is guesswork:

Emily (1862 -1945) was the youngest daughter and she is probably the lady on the left front.
The youngest son was Thomas (1860-1917) and he is probably the man seated on the far right.

I believe that the photographer followed a protocol when he seated this family with the mother being placed in the center of the photo.  The wicker chair around this center woman emphasizes her position in the family.  I believe that that position would go to the mother, Annie if she was alive then, or to Ann the step-mother. (see Note 2)

If this protocol was followed, then the father Charles  is likely the man directly behind Annie or Ann.  He has light colored hair which may be gray or blond.  The oldest daughter Mary (1844-1932) would be the back left lady.  The oldest son William (1845-1925) would be next to his father at the back right.  John (1853-1935) is then the man on the left.

We welcome your comments and your suggestions about this identification.

Note 1.:Information on Francis Waugh, husband of Anne Waugh (Watchhorn) family can be found at:  Anne Watchorn, born April 25,1848 in Lanark County, ON, married Francis Waugh (1849-1927). The two quite possibly met in Wellington County where Anne’s family resided until 1870. Anne’s family moved to the Bruce Peninsula (Wiarton area) in 1870; Anne & Francis were married Dec 11, 1872.

Note 2: Charles’ first wife Annie died in Wellington County, and the Ann (listed as mother of the bride Emily) was a Tyndall, not Stone, so he must have remarried. It is unknown if the mother in this picture is Annie or Ann.

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  1. Annie Stone died in 1862, the year Emily was born.

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