The Grub Stake

By Linda Butler
Told by her father, Charlie Vance (owner of the store)

 A prospector came to our general store in Snow Lake MB after being out in the bush for several months.

 “Charlie”, he said. “I’ve come to town for a grubstake.”

 Charlie understood that the man had come to town to purchase enough groceries to last him for some time in the bush.

 The teenager who worked in the meat department overheard the conversation and he turned toward the freezer and started looking at the packages of meat.  Finally, Charlie asked him what he was looking for.

He replied:  “I’ve been checking the labels for steaks and I can’t find any grub steaks in the freezer.”

He felt sheepish when he learned that a grubstake was not a cut of meat.

 © Linda Butler 2013


About Christine Goodnough

I'm a wife, mom & grandma, a writer, homemaker and nature lover at home on the Canadian prairies. I post short stories and poems about life and personal experiences, writing from a Christian perspective and adding a dash of humor where I can.
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