Visiting Grandpa and Grandma Turner

By Evelyn Whitney

My Grandad, Charles Turner, was a staunch Orangeman, a firm United Protestant.  When I stayed with them they would dress me up and take me to church.  Grandad taught us to play cards — 500 rummy, Chinese checkers and checkers.  We couldn’t play cards on Sunday, no laughing at the table he was very strict but Grandma made up for it.

Don’t think alcohol was allowed in the house, but think Dad and the uncles would sneak out for a sip or two.  When we visited at Christmas Grandad would make up sleighs from pieces of wood and away we would go to the hills.  He had a little workshop out back where he carved very intricate puzzles for one thing.

I remember one time going haying with him, guess I must of been ten or so, he had an old horse which he kept in a little stable along the river, and an even older wagon.  I got stung by a hornet, he dropped everything and rushed me back to Grandma.

All the family were musical.  Some played fiddle, Mom was magical on piano as were some others, some guitar.  Grandad would play hymns on the organ and we would all sing along. I have copies of a couple tunes Grandad wrote “God Bless the Dear Ones Back Home” and “Sod Shanty on a Claim”.

I have all great memories of visiting Grandparents and Cousins who lived in the Minnedosa area.  Minnedosa is a bit NE of Brandon.  We lived in Winnipeg.


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