My Place in the Vance Clan

As you can see from the information elsewhere on this site, Allen and Emily Vance had four sons and two daughters:
Pearl; Charles; Steven; Daniel; Myrtle; Allen.

Allen’s son, (Wilfred) Allen Vance, born Jan 9, 1919 at Spy Hill, SK, married Louise Harmon of Pathlow, SK in 1951.

The Harmon family originated in Pennsylvania; James and Mary (Wilson) Harmon came to Canada via Minn & Iowa. Louise’s mother was Thelma Falconer; her parents Leath and Rebecca immigrated directly from Scotland.

Allen and Louise had five children:

James Allen ………….. born April 1952
Christine Evelyn …………… March 1953
Donna Emily ………………… Nov 1955
Rose Marie Pearl …………… Feb 1958
Wilma May ………………….. April 1959
Lorraine Margaret ………….. Sept 1964

They also had a son they named Martin who died shortly after birth. Our mother likely had a miscarriage or two besides; I vaguely remember her talking about that.

People who knew him say Dad Vance was a hard worker but he wasn’t “the sharpest knife in the drawer”, as they say.  He worked at odds and end, helping his brothers-in-law on the farm, hauling with his horses and wagon, but never held a proper job or had a driver’s licence.  Mom Vance spent a lot of time in the local bar.

Louise Harmon was damaged at birth or shortly thereafter, perhaps through oxygen deprivation or fevers. Her mind was not normal; folks would have used the term “simple” back then. Which led to some very serious abuse when she was a teen. The principle in those days was if a child seemed slow, give them a whack on the head to smarted them up.

Also, when she was nine years old, according to my sister Donna, Mom got her head stuck in a cream can and before they got her out she was blue. So at any rate Louise wasn’t fully functional as an adult.

According to Mom F, when Louise had Jim, folks teased her so much about all the vitamin pills she’d had to take to keep her blood up. So when she was expecting me she refused to take anything. So I was not the most robust baby in Melfort Maternity. Mom F told me I was born with low blood pressure – and I’ve had it all my life.

My brother was 11 months older than I and they probably had their hands full with him when I came along. I was not getting enough to eat and was crying all the time, so when my parents were visiting Fred & Myrtle (Allen’s sister) they got me some milk and offered to keep me for awhile until I was in better health. So “Dad and Mom” Forsyth looked after me for a month or so and then gave me back to my parents.

Allen & Louise want to a ball game beside a beach and she laid me down in the cold sand. I landed up in the hospital shortly thereafter with pneumonia, so the welfare worker suggested to my Aunt and Uncle Forsyth that they take me. As Mom F told it, “We decided if you’d see us and recognize us, then we would take you. But if you didn’t, then we’d let you go home to your folks. And you didn’t recognize us, but you recognized (their son)Verne, so we decided to raise you.”  Which they did, starting when I was three months old

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