1950s Vance Family Reunions

Somewhere in a blizzard of papers I found this clipping. Here we see the Family Reunions our Ontario cousins had once upon a time. The Robert Vance mentioned here was a brother to our Great-great-grandfather Joseph. Thus Mrs Leach’s grandfather Joseph was our grandfather’s nephew. — Christine G.

Vance Family Reunion

by Mrs. Hannah Leach

Three years ago, in October 1951, we had our first get-together, meeting at James A Vance’s in Woodstock, then on to Willow Lake for a picnic lunch. After a short business meeting we all proceeded to the old home up near the German Union Cheese Factory, then to Ratho Cemetery where lie my great-grandparents, Mary Hogg and Robert Vance. Robert being one of four brothers who settled around Ratho.

Their son Joseph Vance and Hannah (Armstrong), my grandparents, are also lying in Ratho Cemetery. These four brothers all came from, or were natives of, Parish Penicom* Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Joseph Vance was a blacksmith and I always understood he learned the trade at Ratho around 90 years ago (circa 1863).

In 1952 the Reunion was held at Collins, New York. This year, July 11th, they met here at my home in Ratho. The Goforth Sisters of Ratho Presbyterian Church catered to the dinner in the church basement. Fifty-four sat down to dinner and all praised the lovely meal served us. A potluck meal was served for supper.

During the afternoon a business meeting was held in the church and plans made for 1954. A prize was given to the eldest living member, Mrs. Sarah Cochran of Brussels, Ontario. A plaque was presented to Mr & Mrs C Olivey of Vancouver, BC, for having come the greatest distance. The youngest member present was Terry Thompson (my wee great-grandson.)  Other little folks received balloons and so on, for races.

Guests were present from: Vancouver, BC; Collins, NY; Arcade, NY; Jamestown, NY; Buffalo, NY; Tonawanda, NY; Grosse Isle, MI; Paris, Brussels and Woodstock, ON.

*Penninghame (see first comment below)

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6 Responses to 1950s Vance Family Reunions

  1. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey says:

    I am very interested in your Vance family. My maiden name is Vance and my family came from Northern Ireland and possibly from the Wigtonshire Scotland area. We have a Vance YDNA site at Familytreedna and I was wondering if your Vance family has a direct male Vance descendant who has participated in our program. To view the results go to http://www.vancegenealogy.com and explore the site – YDNA results and Family Group Reports. I would like to corrrespond with if possible. Regards, Marilyn Vance McGaughey

    • Thanks for your interest in our family tree blog. I don’t know of any Vances who’ve participated in any programs with regard to genetics, unless someone from one of the other branches has. Our branch seems to have gotten severed from the whole and we’re trying to reconnect it after a couple of generations.

    • Cynthia Porcher says:

      I am interested in your Watts connection. My mother was a Watts and I have been studying the family for many years. Woul love to share/compare info. Cynthia

      • Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey says:

        Cynthia, my Watts family came from Culpeper County VA to NC and then to the Mercer and Washington Co KY area. To see more about the family please google Richard Watts family by Marilyn /Watts Vance McGaughey. You should find a paper I wrote on my family. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. Marilyn

  2. barnbarroch says:

    Hi Christine,
    Readers might like to know that Penicom should read Penninghame! See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penninghame for location.

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