Mom’s Poems

Back in the 1990s I was putting out a small quarterly newsletter, called CANAQUEST Friendship Newsletter for Women. I always had a poem page and Mom F, being a lover of poetry, sent me a number of poems to include. Here’s one of them.

    Shared by M. Forsyth
    Fort Langley, British Columbia

The dwelling place of Joy has many doors,
To some they open on a mountainside,
A blackbird’s song, to other eager hearts,
Will have the power to fling the portals wide:

And moonlight, falling on a sleeping town,
Or beech leaves, crimsoning ‘neath autumn’s kiss;
A sunset, glorifying earth and sky–
A very precious golden door is this.

Night’s gift of stars, the scent of rain-swept fields,
The morning mist, and trees tossed in the wind;
None are so poor but that they may look up,
And in Joy’s house a little doorway find.

Author Unknown


About Christine Goodnough

I'm a wife, mom & grandma, homemaker, avid reader, blogger, and nature lover enjoying country living. I write short stories, poems, and share life experiences, adding a dash of humor whenever I can.
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