For the Love of Margaret

For the Love of Margaret

Doing more Family Tree research lately, I see that our great-grandfather has seven brothers and three of them fell in love with a Margaret. Can you imagine how their family gatherings must have been?

But the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree when it came to naming the offspring. I’ll list their families separately later, but here’s the scoop on great-grandpa’s siblings – with info taken from the Census records and marriage registrations.

Great-great grands Joseph and Sarah’s family: (1862)

John…gone from home by this time
Robert………………. June 30, 1839 (from Death certificate) (1837 one record says)
Sarah Jane…………. 1839 or 40
Joseph………………. May 16, 1843 (Mormon records say 1841, died 1912)
James……………….. May 14, 1843 (1841. Were they twins?)
George……………… 1843, Mormon records say
David…………………Born 1850
Samuel……………… Jan 28, 1853
William…………….. 1855 / 1852 (Mormon records)

(I can’t believe how many conflicting dates there are, and am convinced Census takers did not believe in asking a lady her age – sometimes not even her children’s ages.)

Robert Vance, born June 30, 1839 (in Quebec, of all places)
spouse: Margaret Jane Warden on Feb 7, 1859 in Wentworth Ontario
His age: 21; her age: 15 (?)
His parents: Joseph Vance & Sarah Allen
Her parents: ?
Robert’s family moved to the States; he died in 1920 at age 81 in Clifford, Lapeer, Michigan.

Joseph Vance, born in Oxford County, ON
spouse: Margaret McPherson, born in Scotland
married on November 16, 1865 at Ainleyville, Huron County, ON
He was 24; she was 22.
His parents: Joseph and Sarah Vance
Her parents: John McPherson and Catherine McArley.
The couple lived in Grey County.

David Vance, born Oxford County, ON
spouse: Margaret Bullard, born in North Easthope, ON
on March 31, 1873 in Perth county, ON
His parents Joseph & Sarah Vance – born in Scotland; born in USA
Her Parents: John & Delia Bullard
He was 22; she was 23.
In 1900 David Vance and family were living in Reno Iosco, MI, USA.

James Vance, born May 14, 1843 in Oxford County, ON
spouse: Elizabeth McNish, born in 1839 in Scotland
married Sept 10, 1863 in Perth County, ON
He was 20; she was 24.
His parents?: Joseph & Sarah Vance
Her parents: John & Elizabeth McNish
The couple lived in Perth North until just sometime in the 1890s when the family moved to Neepawa, MB.

Samuel, born Jan 28, 1853, in Oxford County, ON
spouse: Mary Smith born Oct 20, 1856 in Huron County, ON
married April 10, 1878
His parents: Unknown
Her parents: John and Ruth Smith

Even though the last two didn’t marry Margarets, John was a popular  name for a father-in-law.

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  1. I complain about the strange names that kids have today, but unique names are helpful when it comes to identifying people. Our family kept re-using the same names. My dad, charlie samuel was named after uncle charlie and his father samuel. It was a way to honor and remember relatives but it sure makes it confusing for us looking back.

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