David and Robert Vance

David Vance, son of Joseph and Sarah Vance and brother of our great grandfather, married Margaret Bullard on March 31, 1873.

She was the daughter of John and Delia Bullard. According to the marriage registration she was about 23 and he was about 22.

David and Margaret were both born in Ontario, he in Blandford township, Oxford County; she in North Easthope township, Perth County; they were married in Perth County.

This couple departed somewhat from the standard family names. As near as I can tell from census records, they were ages 30 and 29, so she lost a couple of years. Nice!
Their children were:
William E
Jessie E

They are listed in the 1881 Ontario census, but after this David and Margaret moved to Michigan–probably had more children–and are listed in the 1900 US census as living at Reno, Iosco County.

Robert Vance, another brother, married Margaret Jane Warden in Wentworth, Ontario on Feb 7, 1859.

According to the 1881 census Robert was 42, his wife 36, and their children were:

Sarah Jane (Jane)
John C
Phebe Ann

I won’t record all the ages listed, but I have them, if anyone is researching these lines.

Robert Vance died Oct 27, 1920 at Clifford, Lapeer County, MI.



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6 Responses to David and Robert Vance

  1. Gary Leo Vance says:

    I am Gary Leo Vance, a grandson of Henry and Ada P. (Kellogg) Vance. I am also Donna L. (Vance) Caldwell’s nephew. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that all the descendants of Henry and Ada love and respect each other. We are spread across Michigan and other States but we are still a close-knit group. I am proud to be a Vance.

    • Thanks for your comment; I’m really glad to hear from you. What especially intrigues me is that your grandmother was a Kellogg, because my husband has them in his family tree as well.
      I have more family tree info and should get it posted, plus get your aunt’s info. I have been dealing with health issues of my own plus those of my cousin, and this has necessitated a few trips this fall, but maybe now I can settle down to post the rest of what I have.

  2. Donna (Vance) Caldwell says:

    I am Donna L. (Vance) Caldwell, youngest child of Henry & Ada P. (Kellogg) Vance. We have a comprehensive genealogy of the Michigan Vance family and the ancestors back through the Bullard family. Would like to have email contact with other descendants

    • Hello, long-lost cousin! Or is it we who are the long-losts? Perhaps you can solve the question of where Donald Vance came into the Tree? (See my post, “Who was Donald Vance?”)

      • Donna L. (Vance) Caldwell says:

        Per our recent response, “Donald” is really “David”, my grandfather. He died in our home at Big Creek Township, Oscoda County, Michigan (about a mile northeast of the village of Luzerne) when I was just a child. His death certificate was filed with a spelling error and never corrected.

      • Thanks for this note. I’ve been going to collect the information you have, but I’ve been working on several other writing projects these past two months — haven’t been doing any family history at all.

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