Harry’s Hotel Etiquette

Hotel Fort Macleod

1. Guests will be provided with breakfast and supper, but must rustle their own dinner.

2. Boots and spurs must be removed at night before retiring.

3. Dogs are not allowed in the bunks, but may sleep underneath.

4. Candles, hot water, and other luxuries charged extra, also soap.

5. Two or more persons must sleep in one bed when so requested by the proprietor.

6. Baths furnished free down at the river, but bathers must furnish their own soap and towels.

7. Jewelry or other valuables will not be locked in the safe. This hotel has no such ornament as a safe.

8. The proprietor will not be responsible for anything. In case of fire, guests are requested to escape without unnecessary delay.

9. Guests without baggage may sleep in the vacant lot.

10. Meals served in bedrooms will not be guaranteed in any way. Our waiters are hungry and not above temptation.

11. All guests are requested to rise at 6 A.M. This is imperative as sheets may needed for tablecloths.

12. No tips to be given to any waiters or servants. Leave them with the proprietor and he will distribute them if considered necessary.

13. The following tariff subject to change:
Board, $25 a month
Board and Lodging with wooden bench to sleep on, $50 a month
Board and Lodging with bed, $60 a month.

14. When guests find themselves or their baggage thrown over the fence, they may consider that they have received notice to quit.

HARRY TAYLOR, Proprietor
September 1, 1882


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