Steve Vance’s Curling Joke

Uncle Steve told this story:

I had a dream once about heaven.  I love curling, so naturally I wanted to find out if the game is popular in heaven or not so I phoned St. Peter and asked: “St. Peter, I’ve got to know:  Is there a curling rink once a fella gets past the Pearly Gates?”

St. Peter replied:  “Stevie, I’ve got good news and bad news.  The good news is that, yes, we’ve got a club here, located up yonder, over the rainbow.  Twenty-four sheets, perfect ice, fully-stocked bar. The works.”

“And the bad news?”

“Well, Stevie, you’re on the 9:30 pm draw tomorrow night.”


About Linda C Butler

I write pioneer stories from the Herb Lake Ghost Town in Manitoba. Please do not re-blog this material or re-publish without my permission.
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