These are links to genealogy sites and to Allen-Emily Vance descendants’ personal blogs and websites.  The Vances have long been storytellers and reciters of long ballad-type poetry.  The family tradition of stories continues.  Please check out these sites:

Site Author: Christine Goodnough, one of the authors on this site, is a writer and a poet. Visit her at:

Spy Hill Story, the history of a Saskatchewan community, is online. This is a link to the main Vance family information: You can also search the entire book for “Vance” as there are several interesting stories about the Vances.

The Memorial Stone for Emily Turner Vance (Jackman), her husband Allen Vance, and his mother, Mary Vance is here.

Waugh Family History – Information on Francis Waugh, husband of Anne Waugh (Watchhorn) family can be found here.  Anne Watchorn, born April 25,1848 in Lanark County, ON, married Francis Waugh (1849-1927). The two quite possibly met in Wellington County where Anne’s family resided until 1870. Anne’s family moved to the Bruce Peninsula (Wiarton area) in 1870; Anne & Francis were married Dec 11, 1872.

Vance Genealogical Test – For anyone investigating the Vances there is a DNA test program at There you can see the Vances sorted into genetic groups.  Contributed by Jamie Vans.

Vance Family Association Vance History Online. ( There is excellent info here on the Vance family and our family’s spread from the UK to North America.


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