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Gopher Enterprise

Gopher Enterprise by Linda C Butler Told by Steve Vance When I was a wee lad of five, my Dad bought a small Winchester .BB cap rifle for Charlie, my six-year old brother, and myself. The two of us became … Continue reading

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The Prices Grandpa Paid

What a dollar would buy in 1900. This bill for various household goods comes from the records of Allen Vance’s brother Will. Pegs                            .10 Lamp burner            .12 … Continue reading

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The Haunted Farmhouse

The Haunted Farmhouse by Linda C Butler In the 1950s our family travelled to British Columbia on holidays and we stopped to visit Ruth Richardson, a distant cousin who lived in an isolated farmhouse.  Dad had driven all day and … Continue reading

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The Dancing Cow

The Dancing Cow By Linda C. Butler Told by Charlie Vance I had a job working as a hired hand for a farmer when I was seventeen.  One day when we had finished work and had put the saddles horses … Continue reading

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Grandpa Meets His Match

Allen Vance and his father Sam arrived in the Northwest Territories in the fall in 1899 to check out the area. Sam’s brother was already homesteading near Neepawa, Manitoba; no doubt the prospect of 160 acres for $10 was appealing. … Continue reading

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The Smith Family Starts From Scratch

As I said in an earlier post, great-great-grandpa John was kidnapped by a press gang when he was nine and forced to serve on board one of His Majesty’s ships until he escaped at age 14. He jumped ship in … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Blog on Vance – Turner History

This blog is for the history of the family of Allen Vance and of Emily Turner (Vance) (Jackman).   The family today is scattered but we share a common lineage and we wish to preserve our history.  The children of Allen and … Continue reading

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