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Family Name Repeats

Joseph the son of Joseph the son of Joseph One of the challenges of tracing a family tree can be the repetition of names. Collecting and sorting data can lead you into a maze of repeated names, as every couple … Continue reading

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Reminiscing with Seniors

REMINISCING WITH SENIORS by Linda C Butler We had dinner tonight with my mom in the seniors’ complex and sat with the other ladies at her table. I asked what they remembered about the horse and buggy days.  Mom remembered … Continue reading

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Clearing the Land

My Uncle Fred (Dad F) sold his farm back about 1958. This was the original home place, the farm he’d inherited from his father, Thomas Forsyth. The impression I gleaned over the years was that Dad’s health was bad after … Continue reading

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Two Things I Won’t Tell You About Canada

Sam’s father was killed in India so he spent his boyhood with his uncle on a farm in Galloway. (This is an area in southern Scotland where our great-great-great grandfather David Vance was born.) As a young man Sam attended … Continue reading

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A Heater? Whatever For?

“A Stove Now? Can Ye No Take A Bit o’ Cold?” This story comes from the days when stoves were being installed to heat the churches in Scotland.  Of course this bit of creature-comfort or “catering to the flesh” met … Continue reading

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Joseph and Margaret Vance

On thing about the duplication of names in our family tree, they sometimes tell you a lot. For example, there was a John Vance and his wife listed in the 1861 Oxford County, ON, census and their oldest two children … Continue reading

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1950s Vance Family Reunions

Somewhere in a blizzard of papers I found this clipping. Here we see the Family Reunions our Ontario cousins had once upon a time. The Robert Vance mentioned here was a brother to our Great-great-grandfather Joseph. Thus Mrs Leach’s grandfather … Continue reading

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