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It’s been several years since our last post on this blog. Cousin Linda B and I started it with bright hopes, but life intervened, with its various health issues for both of us. Lately, though, some in my family have expressed interest in our history so I decided to post the data I’ve been collecting over the last several years. Among all the facts and dates, I hope I can write some interesting details about our roots.

Rather than overwhelm you with a huge smorgasbord of information about Watchorns, Turners, Allens, Smiths, Vances and a few Harmons, I’ll dish this out in small bites. Some of the info is already here but I’m going to repeat it for newcomers.

It came to pass about fifteen years ago or so that my Dad Vance’s cousin Irene (Will Vance’s daughter) gave me the Vance family Bible. It’s a thick, hefty tome — one of those “for show” Bibles meant to sit on the mantle and be seen by all, but handled by few.

Presented to Mrs Vance by Mr Vance in 1883

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  1. Great to see this old Bible.

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