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Wishing you joy and prosperity in 2014

        LOOKING FORWARD I’ve shut the door on Yesterday, Its sorrows and mistakes; I’ve locked within its gloomy walls Past failures and heartaches. And now I throw the key away To seek another room, And furnish it with … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Log Cabin Quilts

GRANDMA’S LOG CABIN QUILTS by Linda C Butler Grandma learned to make quilts as a young girl with her Turner sisters, sewing exquisitely fine stitches by hand.  Quilts were made from scraps left over from making articles of clothing and … Continue reading

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Arthur and the Organ

Nine-year-old Boy Carries 200 lb Organ 17 Miles Across the Prairie Arthur’s dad had been a gentleman back in merry old England. Had his branch of the family fallen on hard times or had he just decided to try making … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Journal

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas Day yesterday and made some warm memories to add to your collection? We certainly enjoyed our day. Are you still nibbling on Christmas goodies or has self-restraint kicked in again? We … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Bar

  The Chocolate Bar By Linda C Butler Told by Charles Vance (1909-1989) The Second World War was over in Europe in May 1945 but rationing in Canada continued as there were still food shortages. In the fall of 1945 … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings

Wishing all our readers a Christmas holiday filled with peace, joy, and love.

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Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch By Linda C Butler Told by Charlie Vance I opened a general store in 1946 at Herb Lake MB and I hired Emory, a carpenter, to do repairs and upgrades to the building I had purchased.  I was … Continue reading

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Mom’s Poems

Back in the 1990s I was putting out a small quarterly newsletter, called CANAQUEST Friendship Newsletter for Women. I always had a poem page and Mom F, being a lover of poetry, sent me a number of poems to include. … Continue reading

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Caboose Trip Home for Christmas

CABOOSE TRIP HOME FOR CHRISTMAS By Linda C Butler Told by Charlie Vance (1909-1989) In 1944, Naomi (Jane) and I had been on the trapline all fall and we returned to Thicket Portage, the small settlement on the Hudson Bay Railway … Continue reading

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When NOT to Go Sledding

We were living in Ontario at the time, southwest of Stratford. It was a bitterly cold evening in January when our thirteen-year-old daughter got a phone call just after supper. As she talked we could see by the gleam in … Continue reading

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