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The Urban Hobo Jungle

The Urban Hobo Jungle by Linda C Butler Hobo jungles were places for the homeless to gather in the 1930s and they sprang up around most major railway cities.  There was little employment and men rode on freight cars without … Continue reading

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Reminiscing with Seniors

REMINISCING WITH SENIORS by Linda C Butler We had dinner tonight with my mom in the seniors’ complex and sat with the other ladies at her table. I asked what they remembered about the horse and buggy days.  Mom remembered … Continue reading

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Clearing the Land

My Uncle Fred (Dad F) sold his farm back about 1958. This was the original home place, the farm he’d inherited from his father, Thomas Forsyth. The impression I gleaned over the years was that Dad’s health was bad after … Continue reading

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A WISE CAT’S #1 RULE:  Find A Warm Place Years ago I used to bake my own bread, four loaves at a time.  I’d mix my dough in this large stainless steel bowl and set it to rise in a … Continue reading

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Valuable Cooking Skills

Many years ago a young mother I’ll call Betty got sick and had to spend over a week in the hospital.  Since her husband had a day job away from home, they decided it would be best if he’d hire … Continue reading

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The Surprise Cake

This is a story Mom F told me about when she and her brother Allen were still school-age. Grandma must have been away housekeeping when Allen (my Dad Vance) got this craving to eat cake. One day she’d had been … Continue reading

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