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Against His Inclination

Dad tried his best when I was young to fix it in my mind that “as the tiny twig is bent, so is the tree inclined” And when he’d lay me ‘cross his knee on punishment intent, I used to … Continue reading

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Circus Memories

by Edgar Guest Oh, never comes the circus with its wonders into town but I recall a little boy who longed to be a clown, and high above the heads of all an acrobat I see that little lad of … Continue reading

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My Missing Daughter

My Missing Daughter by Linda C Butler Told by Charlie Vance We opened a store in Herb Lake, an early mining town, when our daughter was a toddler.  We originally lived in the back of the store, but later rented … Continue reading

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Laundry Day in the Log Cabin

Monday Was Wash Day According to the Laws of Feminine Paradigms, Monday was Wash day long before the prairies filled up with settlers. Homestead wives brought this tradition from their far-off motherlands and planted it into the cultural soil of … Continue reading

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The Injustice of Birth Order

When Children Divide the Nickels Back in 1899 a thirteen-year-old Ontario girl named Christina kept a diary for that year of her life.  One of her entries tells of a day her father had taken her and her sister Annie, … Continue reading

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Arthur and the Organ

Nine-year-old Boy Carries 200 lb Organ 17 Miles Across the Prairie Arthur’s dad had been a gentleman back in merry old England. Had his branch of the family fallen on hard times or had he just decided to try making … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Journal

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas Day yesterday and made some warm memories to add to your collection? We certainly enjoyed our day. Are you still nibbling on Christmas goodies or has self-restraint kicked in again? We … Continue reading

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When NOT to Go Sledding

We were living in Ontario at the time, southwest of Stratford. It was a bitterly cold evening in January when our thirteen-year-old daughter got a phone call just after supper. As she talked we could see by the gleam in … Continue reading

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Grandpa Forsyth’s farm

If I recall the facts correctly, I was just a toddler when Grandpa Forsyth died. I have no memories of him at all. Neither do I have many memories of Grandpa Forsyth’s farm from this stage of my life; my … Continue reading

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Campbell Soup Kids

Campbell Soup Kids by Linda C Butler Grace Drayton (1877 – 1936) was an illustrator who created the Campbell Soup Kids advertising campaign.  She also created a series of paper dolls called Dolly Dingle in the women’s magazine, Pictorial Review. … Continue reading

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